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This is a post talking about using Aliyun Domain Control API (and python sdk as well) to script a simple, self-own ddns service, with only one assumption – a public ip over WAN port of your router.



光猫 <—> R7000主路由 <—> 需要出门的母鸡+小鸡们



  • 办法1:破解光猫,将光猫与R7000桥接。
    • 优势:内网只有一层,简洁明了。
    • 劣势:打N通电话,下N多工具,还要将独立IPTV信道映射或proxy到R7000的某个LAN口。
  • 办法2:硬件不做任何变动,添加两层映射。
    • 优势:实施安全性高。
    • 劣势:理论上,走ddns经双层转发,传输性能受影响。
  • 总结:人老色衰,首选安全方案。




PVE 5.3网卡直通 | PCI NIC Passthrough

2019-01-18 作者:

The pic shown below is recently purchased “software router” from Taobao. This article is written to talk about PCI NIC (Ethernet) passthrough on the newly released Proxmox 5.3.

Configuration –

  • Intel 3205U 2C 1.5GHz
  • DDR3 4G RAM


本想玩esxi,但想到那玩意儿非开源,输码激活不说;Host机上还不方便跑其他脚本和自己想玩的服务,所以还是上熟悉的Proxmox,这货抛掉虚拟机就是个minimum installed Debian,Host和Guest都可以玩的尽兴。

先上直通后的样子 –

  • 黑线是#1网口,是PVE Host管理口,也是Guest机虚拟网卡桥接到外界的网口
  • 灰线是#2口,是虚拟机直通后走的物理网口。


南都秋意 | Serene Autumn

2018-11-29 作者:

Photos at Zhan Garden, literally “Garden of Forward Watching”, a Chinese garden located at Nanjing, China.



其一,这种小家碧玉型的园林景观不是我的菜,可能江南山水理应如此吧,举步成诗举目入画的感觉。但我更喜欢凭栏远眺,进一步说,还是波澜壮阔的视野来的更爽。说不出理由,这种小园林潜意识里感觉make me soft ‘n weak吧。



西南小城 | Cosy Nest

2018-11-24 作者:



而南方城镇的楼顶,极少bald hill,举凡有人关照,大多郁郁葱葱。总在不经意时看到,便可提醒自己,匆忙之余,稍可精致,有别于北方的粗犷。这一点,由表及里,南北对照,事事处处人人,皆有比对。不以好坏论之,各有长短而已。正如电影对白:“小孩子才分对错,成年人只看利弊”。踏出校门十载有余,方得领悟一二,可叹理工男之鲁钝。


6年光阴道珍重 | Farewell, Telltale

2018-09-28 作者:

Waiting for the final season soooooo long time, and it exactly show the original story telling skills of Telltale.

After the video walkthrough, the author commented that Telltale had went bankrupt and this season might not be accomplished this year, or worse… maybe something like… never.

A total disaster… ehh… not easy to accept that, been following this storyline from 2012 to 2018, especially with the recent E3 videos.

If there could be some way to donate a little (I suppose it was too late to buy the game), I guess I could put like fifty or maybe hundred bucks to prove that I really got a lot from this story series.
To me, personally, the best was season #1, then #2 and #4, the #3… nothing left in mind but that was ok anyway, good, still.

My favorite “no-comment” video author, Hassan, chose to let Clem kiss Louis – that’s not typical him, I mean not his style on choice.

But after I saw his comment – I realize this episode might be the last one.

At the end of this ep, Louis was caught and took away with intruders, which means we probably never know any of the possibilities between Clem and him – that would be the reason why Hassan, the video author, choose the kiss, instead of hiding the feeling to each other during this apocalypse.

Wrecking the gorgeous right in the face, that’s called TRAGEDY.



大族广场 | Hans Plaza

2018-09-16 作者:

There was a very nice photo exhibition this summer, at Hans Plaza, the landmark of BDA, Beijing.

2018 CIPAF, a.k.a China International Photographic Art Festival.

The most gorgeous series was that called “THE EARTH FROM ABOVE” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (France). I’d rather use the word “shocking” to describe how I feel about those beautiful pics from aerial view (maybe by a drone?).

Should think about walking more, thinking more, and taking more (photos).