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2018-01-02 作者:

The Last of Us Part II

what u doing, kiddo?


相较而言,Walking Dead Game已经过了仨seasons,故事素质难说有没有下降,但总感觉有些乏味了 – 或多或少跟角色太多容易脸盲有关吧。但无论如何,作为主线,Clem的成长还是会牵着我继续看下去吧。

Lee和Kenny的去世成就了这部作品(比Last of Us更动人),尤其在season #1结束时lost of Lee,让人太难接受,觉得想放弃这个故事,确实Kenny作为一个棱角十足的性格慢慢在season #2扛起了大梁,或许让人觉得这样的角色更真实,更容易在路边遇到吧。

总之season #3没有哪个角色能如此深入人心,直观感受就是退回到一个zombie apocalypse video game玩剧情,而缺少了前两季探讨人性的高度。

Last of Us,更接近传统意义的“美国大片”,大爱大恨,突突突打打打,happy ending。人性谈不上,但故事蜿蜒曲折,养父女之爱一步步加深,看的直呼过瘾。

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保持念想 | Always Desire

2017-01-15 作者:

Well, finally the “Walking Dead Game Season #3” arrives. Never play this series before, but I know it all, every scenes, every dialogues, every roles, by walkthrough videos. I’d like to recommend this game to everyone around since it’s the best story teller ever as I know.

It’s not exactly an action game, the most attractive parts is that it says the game adapts by player’s choices. Well, you may not expect the story could change completely after choosing an opposite answer, but the screenplay is fantastic to show you the real human nature underneath the zombie apocalypse – challenging my heart more than those Hollywood blockbusters. And this is easily to purchase, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox – available on most electronics in your hand.

Er… talking about the season #3, it’s kinda two… or half more years waiting after the season #2? I mean, it’s always good to desire, to expect even some tiny things in life. Time flies, some of them happen, and others might not, however this is how life usually goes – pretty much like the little girl Clementine in this series.

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