相册插件的“逆天级服务”| Unbelievable Great Support of Gallery Plugin

2013-09-27 作者:

Sorry, here’s no English version available, however I’m talking about the one-day all-issue-fix support by BestWebSoft – even for a non-pro (free) version of Gallery plugin.

话说once upon a time,本站用的免费版Gallery Plugin因为多日不见“红色の上传小按钮”而黯然神伤,Fisherworks因此遍寻名医却每每“有疾而终”;而此插件却不易随便替换,何故?无它,唯好用尔。


前些天,不堪其扰,遂登录wordpress官网,在Gallery Plugin之support forum发帖求助,天可怜见,支持团队两日内即现身力挺(Fisherworks用的可是免费版哦),然而所提方案均为之前试过的,因而问题依然“我思故我在”——并未因“后台老大”来了就有哪怕丝毫收敛;后来support哥祭出必杀技:到我们自己的支持站点,发个私信,把你site的WP管理员和FTP账号show出来吧!


不过,话说回来,他们的support ID倒不是假的,而且人家情深意重的花时间在收费版的支持站帮我解决免费版的问题,这是何等的革命共产主义精神!

也罢!于是keep自己的admin和ftp账户,然后去godaddy新建了为临时只用的全权限ftp账号,以及WP admin账号,发出去了……然后就是等啊等……

Guess what? 两小时不到:

  1. Gallery Plugin红色上传小按钮回来了
  2. 相册浏览的lightbox也意外恢复工作了
  3. 就连让我N年痛哭流涕都不工作的post“可视化/文本”编辑器都能来回切换了
  4. (没准儿还有其他fix我还没发现……)

逆天啊!(说的是Gallery Plugin团队的支持速度~~嗯……话说如果是个米国团队,感情人家敬业到以至于凌晨都在线?Fisherworks是不是该考虑入手收费版,聊表心意?)




1) Almost all your WP catalogues had 705 permission. We have already asked you to check the rights for all folders and files.

2) Besides, there was incorrect redirection for .js in the file htaccess and the script couldn’t get loaded on any page. We fixed that.


Support Team

September 26, 2013 14:04


This is the line that caused incorrect interpretation of files: addhandler x-httpd-php5-cgi .php .html .htm .js We removed .js, but we can’t understand why you need to interpret .html .htm. Maybe these extensions should also be removed. Please keep it in mind.


Support Team

September 26, 2013 14:21


要不是人家厚道到把关键功能都放在免费版了(收费版那些额外功能都是必要性不大的),俺真有心像Minecraft和Titanium Backup Pro一样,毕恭毕敬的献上10大刀买个心安理得了——关注后续版本,随时期待收费版新feature!


让Mingle Forum上传的图像放置在单独的目录 Let Mingle Forum upload images to isolated directories

2013-07-06 作者:

As far as I know, the Mingle Forum is my favorite forum plugin of WP, but its only Cons is that the allowed uploading image size has no restriction.
I was a C programmer, but not touched it for almost 5 years, and yes I never touched PHP so far in my life. so it’s tough for me to add the restriction or resizing feature.
Then I realized that’s also ok if I can let it upload images to an isolated directory, since it could be easy to remove those images by whole directory from posts when the storage space is close to run out. Otherwise, all those images would stay together with Media library of WP posts/pages – quite hard to isolate them and get those stuff cleaned.

So you see, we get that standard WP media lib directory, then check and/or add “mf” sub-directory, and it’s perfectly solved.
Pls check the code enclosed at post bottom, feel free to refer but pls add link to this post; plus, pls let me know if there is any potential bug inside since it’s my 1st time to touch PHP.

PS: 1st time to read WP and PHP standard API manual, it’s “loud and clear”, not hard to learn, and I could even debug this stuff without error report – sure this one is easy and I know that. 🙂

simple forum支持图像附件貌似还要个插件,而且这个论坛看起来比较专业,不是俺想要的

于是锁定了方便好配置的Mingle Forum,虽然默认皮肤集成不是很好,但这插件实在是太方便易用好配置了,而且默认支持图像附件的上传
这都不算事儿,最关键的是Mingle Forum不限制图像尺寸(虽然显示时可以自动缩图,不会出错)